Please feel free to contact us for quotes on specific builds or required services. * Note we also do conversions on Saiga Rifles. If you are wanting to have your kit with our receiver built into a rifle, or your kit and your receiver... we can do it.

 We can build your AK47 kit, your AK74 kit, your RPK, your under folder, your side folder or your Krink. What? You Have No receiver? You NEED a receiver to compete your build? You need to have your parts kit assembled into a rifle? A pistol? An SBR? No problem. We have built them all. Please contact us with your VERY specific questions and a GOOD view of what parts you have and just what you want to end up with, to insure, that we can indeed provide the service that you require. We can provide MOST AK building, overhaul or repair services, to include providing you with the correct AKM receiver, for most builds, machine work, riveting, providing the necessary number of 922r parts, welding, barrel pressing, engraving, sand blasting, parkerizing, finishing with oven baked Gun Kote(tm), or even registering your Short Barreled Rifle build on a form two and then transferring it to your C3 dealer on a form 3. Do you have a fixed stock rifle that you would like to have converted to an underfolding stock, or a sidefolding stock? We can do that also. All NFA Rules Apply.We have built many, many hundreds of AK's and thus have some few skills in the area. If you have the "kit" and you already have a receiver, we can ship you back a completed functioning firearm. There are some makes of receivers that we absolutely WILL NOT build a firearm on. For example we WILL NOT build your rifle, on your homemade shade tree receiver. PERIOD! All BATFE/NFA rules apply. 

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