We can custom engrave your front, de-milled or new, blank, or "sanitized," AK front trunnion, to match your USA made receiver's serial number. That way your rifle looks much more like a factory build.

 Or we can mill off what ever is on your "kit's" front trunnion and re-engrave it with a Russian, "Tula Arsenal," Soviet Star and numbers, or Ishvesk Arsenal "triangle and arrow markings," or even East German Suhl arsenal markings. We can also engrave the Russian, Yugoslav or Bulgarian markings for "full Auto: and "Semi Auto" on your bare receiver.
If you have a pre-built rifle, with a US made receiver, which, has the REAL serial number, on THE RECEIVER...we can clean off your trunnion and re-engrave the RECEIVER's serial number on it also. We can also weld up your old "S" and "F" markings (extra $) and then re-engrave your receiver with the Russian style markings for "semi" and "full auto" and also re-finish your rifle afterwards. If your REAL serial numbers are ...faint...or hard to see...because of wear or being sandblasted & re-finished, we can Engrave them MUCH deeper so that there is no confusion as to what your SN is.Please do not even...THINK...that we would remove the firearms actual serial numbers and re-engrave something else, on your firearm. All BATFE and NFA rules apply.

Common services" such as milling your front trunnion "clean," barrel pressouts, or press-ins, etc., are available. Just contact us and ask.
Custom engraving prices for your front trunion depends on just what you wish to have engraved.


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